I absoloutly luv music!!!!!!!!  So I decided to add a song lyric section!!! Some days I will have some songs playing in   the background of this site.The only songs that will be submitted will have something to do with one of Alexis Thorpes characters.For example the Song Cry by Faith Hill could be subbmitted for her character as Rianna Minor,with the Jt And Rianna storyline.I will be putting up a form,like the join form for people to submitt songs of their choice.I only have 1 song right now but there  will be more to come!!
The Young and The Restless/Rianna Loving.
                     Song Lyrics

Cry By Faith Hill:The Rianna and Jt storyline
Days Of Our Lives/Cassie

Crush by Mandy Moore: On the show it looks like Cassie has a little crush on Shawn!!